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Hi do you haa a email? or do you prefer to message here?

Here is fine!  Though I don’t use Tumblr really anymore…I’m trying to start writing again though: www.flightcameraaction.com  =D

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you should get your own show on the travel channel .. maybe something like what bourdain does ! lol keep up the good work :]

That would be a dream come true!  Pass the word around =)

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

Id never ask you to change
If perfect is what you’re searching for
Then just stay the same

I don’t tell anyone about the way you hold my hand…


Kelia Moniz

I need to be out in the water!!


Kelia Moniz

I need to be out in the water!!

I’ll be posting…

I’ll still post some things here…probably random stuff I like as far as visual inspiration goes, like most Tumblrs are.  I guess I was hoping to make this more into a blog but it really doesn’t feel like one!  But do read my old/new blog:  HybiscusKiss

In case you’re unsure?

In case you’re unsure?

I'm moving...back to Blogger! ⇢

I know, I’m fickle.  But while Tumblr has been a fun affair, I’m missing the homey-ness of Blogger. If you started following me, thank you!  Please feel free to check me out at:


I couldn’t export my posts over, but I’ll be posting all the same. =)

Sentosa Weekend

This past weekend has been a great highlight for me…a couple visiting friends made it memorable and I’m sad that the girls are already gone!  

I also visited Sentosa (the commercialized island resort of Singapore), finally, and wish I could have stayed longer!  It’s quite an ordeal to get there if you’re not taking taxi…but it’s a worth-while change from the usual city.  Despite the coarse sand and my reluctance to go into those import/export waters, it was still wonderful to walk on a beach, see people playing volleyball and lay out with a few girl friends.  As with many things, it looked even better at night.  Many of the bars have pools, so you dont have to go into the ocean if you want to cool off, which is a nice touch, I think.  

I actually went to the new KM8, which was a fun beach bar I used to go to when I was studying abroad 4 years ago.  It’s now been completely redone and renamed as Tanjong Beach Club.  It’s beautiful, but definitely lost its old charm as being that low-key, fun, party beach bar.  


Hi!  My name is Kristen. I have the travel bug and I got it bad.  I take my food seriously and in copious amounts.  I also appreciate a new pair of socks, visual inspiration, puns and alliteration.

Travel Itinerary
Vietnam April 25-May 9
Manila, Philippines May 9-28
Sagada May 20-23
Batad May 23-25
Singapore May 28-July 8
Shanghai July 8-10
Beijing July 10-14
Shanghai July 14-18

Facts that might be necessary to understand my blog:

I am half Chinese and half Japanese.

No, I do not speak Japanese, but I do speak some Mandarin.

I'm an American citizen who was born in Malaysia.  I have a fobshot to prove it!

2006: I studied abroad in Singapore. 

2008: I was an underwater stunt double in the Philippines. 

2010: I decided to quit my job and travel abroad, yet again, in search of a new life. 

Feel free to live vicariously through my foolishness.

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